ZANC Election – Dec 2018

Dear ZANC Members,

Here is the list of eligible voters for the December 2018 ZANC Elections.

List of Eligible Voters

If your name is not on this list and you think you are a member, please contact the ZANC Secretary – Ehler Spliedt,

If your name is on list, but email address is wrong please contact ZANC 2018 Election officer at

Email address corrections:
Even if the email is correct, but is shared address with another family member, ZANC would like to have your personal email address.
If you have voted, already, your address cannot be changed for this election.

First email with personalized link to the voting site will go out by:

Friday Nov. 30th (around 6 pm PST).

Reminder emails will be sent to all those who have NOT voted on :
1. Friday Dec. 7th around 6 PM PST.
2. Friday Dec. 14th around 6 PM PST.

NO EMAIL received and it is getting close to Dec. 16th closing date?
Recheck your email address.
Check your SPAM/JUNK folder.
Sender name will be “Zarthoshti Anjuman of Northern California” but will originate from