Critical Assistance Appeal from FEZANA

FEZANA has received an appeal from Percy Eruch Shroff, of Surat Gujarat. His 31 year old wife Dilshad P. Shroff suffered a car accident in March 2014 where she suffered multiple fractures. She underwent skin drafting treatment in Kasturba hospital VALSAD. The family has personally spent Rs 4 lakhs (Four hundred thousand) on medical expenses, exhausting their savings. Percy was a sous chef in Carnival cruise line Company, but since 2015, has not been able to resume work, due to this family emergency.  Dilshad has had a difficult time, with multiple hospitalizations.

First she received treatment at Asutosh hospital ,Surat in Feb 2015 where they inserted  one bone in her leg for support at a cost Rs 3.5 lakhs. Post surgical pain necessitated X Rays, which showed that the plates had shifted, got infected, which caused infection in the bone. This medical expense amounted to Rs 4 lakh, of which parsi panchayat surat and WZO covered 1 Lakh. In September 2017 both Dilshad’s kidneys failed. She spent three months at B. D. PETIT HOSPITAL. The cost was around 15 lakhs was paid with the help of Tata Trust, WZO, Scyclla Vachha, BPP, Surat PARSi PANCHAYAT and N M Wadia funds.

In May 2018 she suffered infection on her dialysis kit again and went into hypertension and epilepsy. The hospital cost was over Rs 5 lakhs, paid with the help of Messrs Scyclla Vachha Trust and borrowing from family members.

Last month, on 27th September 2018, dialysis has failed and a kidney transplant is the only option. Her mother is a match, and willing to donate her kidney for her daughter Dilshad. The cost of kidney transplant will be approx. Rs 10 lacks (Per memo from Dr S . Dash,of Jaslok Hospital). The operation is needed immediately.

Percy has applied to trusts and has a Whatsapp outreach to pay for the kidney transplant as well as hospital expense. He says: “Please my dear Humdeens I most humbly appeal to you all as a last resort to  help me to meet my wife’s medical expenses and to be able to go for a  kidney transplant.  May Dadar Ahura Mazda Bless you all.”

Please contribute whatever you can to help this young wife undergo the kidney transplant.

You can donate online by clicking on the button below and then selecting WELFARE, and GENERAL WELFARE FUND, and write KIDNEY TRANSPLANT in the “memo/in honor of” field.

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You can also mail a check to FEZANA Treasurer, PO Box 266 , Sunset Beach, CA 90742