Navroze Dinner

Come join us for a fun-filled evening to celebrate Jamshedi Navroze!

Saturday March 24th at 6:30 PM at the Camden Community Center. 3369 Union Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124

Featuring Parsi Cuisine with Patra-ni-Macchi, Sali Margi and Goat Pulao. There will be games for the kids, DJ and Dancing as well.

Register before March 15th to get early bird pricing. Prices increase by $5 per person starting the 16th.

Register online or by mailing a check (payable to ZANC) to:

Adil Engineer
6124 Oak Forest Way
San Jose, CA 95120

Call 408-750-6446 if you have questions

ZANC 2017 Election

Dec. 17th 2017 election Results for 2018-2019 term

Adil Engineer
Ratan Mistry
Kathleen Chothia
Meher Mistri

VERY UNIQUE ELECTION – ZANC community is all fired up!

  • Large number of people who sent nominations
  • Large number of nominees with every vacancy having more than one person nominated (including the Trustees)
  • Large number of nominees willing to serve – all FOUR vacant Board positions contested
  • Large number of absentee ballots received – MORE THAN HALF of eligible voters!

While we congratulate the above winners, we do not have any “losers”.  Whether they won or lost the election, putting their name in the hat and volunteering their time is to be greatly appreciated.