Newsletter – October to December 2015

The ZANC Newsletter for October to December 2015 is available.

In this issue:

  • Upcoming Events
    • Annual Ghambar, September 26
    • Costume and Bingo Party, October 24
    • Annual Election Meeting, December 20
  • Community Center Meeting Update
  • Sunday School Teacher Needed
  • Parsi General Hospital Charity Drive
  • Community News and Announcements


FEZANA Information Research Education System (FIRES) is a centralized collection of books, manuscripts, literature, magazines, and scholarly research materials in print and electronic form, primarily pertaining to Zarathushti faith, culture, and history.

FIRES was established in 2010, and is housed and managed by the Zoroastrian Association of Houston (ZAH) Library.  It is accessible by all FEZANA Associations and individuals.

For additional information:

FEZANA Bulletin

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All the FEZANA Bulletins are available on-line at the Bulletin Archives.

FEZANA Journal

The FEZANA Journal is a great way to stay connected with the North American community as well as learn about our history, heritage and future.

We encourage you to subscribe yourself or get friends and family to do so. A subscription also makes a wonderful gift. For only $25.00 a year you receive 4 editions of a well written and most informative journal. Visit FEZANA Publications for more information and to purchase online.